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Milano, con le sue nebbie ed i suoi fumi immaginiamo non solo delle fabbriche! Ne esce fuori un sound che fa del riff il segno del disagio, ma anche del riscatto e della ribellione. Molto vicini a Sons of Otis, Comacozer e Monkey 3, i Satori Junk percorrono la stessa strada dei connazionali Kayleth, Black Capricorn e Ufomammut: spazio profondo e chitarre micidiali.

Satori Junk: accendete il bong. Grind on the road July Solo adesso giunge in redazione questo secondo album dei parmensi Throne, e lo dico subito: questo gruppo si colloca tra le cose migliori che io abbia ascoltato in ambito sludge-doom negli ultimi anni! Si parte con "Sister Abigail", brano che riporta in mente tutti i grandi nomi di questo genere, forti spallate in stile Down e atmosfera sinistra rimembrante per molti aspetti gli Electric Wizard, ma anche una spruzzata di EyeHateGod , e una grandiosa prestazione da parte delle due chitarre suonate da Maloa e Lavo, due individui che macinano riff a profusione, su cui si appoggia una batteria deflagrante e una voce brutale al punto giusto.

Bellissimo brano. Prova vocale da parte di Samu da manuale, che urla sia in growl che scream. Abbiamo anche vaghi influssi black metal nel riff portante nella prima parte del brano, e la voce in scream accentua questa componente. Ancora palate da orbi e demoni assortiti con "V. Disco assoluto, un monumento di buio e disagio da custodire gelosamente nella propria discografia. While I was quietly waiting for the warmer months I was given this piece of funeral doom to digest and feeling somewhat despondent at the time decided to play it and crank it.

Almost immediately afterwards the rain finally came and cleaned up the remnants of winter. You can imagine that it was the essentially the perfect atmosphere to experience a new funeral record. First off, I was fortunate enough to listen to this slab of funeral dirges when the setting was completely perfect. I mean, how often do the stars align to create the perfect listening environment for music of any kind? Thus my initial reaction to it was very high and like any good layered Funeral doom had to be digested and listened to again and really dissected.

The very nature of the Funeral crawl practically begs for it… and though 'Ephemere' is very well thought out and written I really got the feeling that it is very conventional at its core. A cursory glance at the members reveals the band has a programmed set of drums and although they at first glance are very well thought out I get the feeling that a real drum performance, whether sampled afterwards or not, would really liven things up… And yes I can hear you screaming "But Eli! It's Funeral Doom, it's supposed to be like that! For example, listen to the drums during the start of 'The Swan Song Of Hope': they feel almost lost like they needed a drummer to really fill that spot up.

I even notice during some of the double bass flourishes or even during the blasting section in the same song where things are supposed to be elevated in intensity that the intensity seems to not quite make it there. You can get away with this much easier at higher tempos , with more chaotic styles but things like this can really bog down a Doom record. But not all is lost! I have to mention that the rhythm guitars are nicely produced hammering out the heavy and cleaning up just enough during both the single note melodies and the tremolo melodies, while the bass is just heavy enough to thicken up the rhythm sound and have its own voice during a fewer of the sparser moments.

Also, the vocals fit the style like a glove though a bit more inflection or style variance would be welcome. I also want to give a shout out to some of the acoustic guitar work during 'The Wheels Of Fate' - not only is the melody hypnotizing but is very traditional Russian sounding. Though again, the four count drum programming directly after kills the build up. So close!

The keyboards carry much of the melody in the songs and just a tad better sample choice for the Choir sounds would have really helped them along. Love me some SNES. All in all though, nicely done! Songwriting wise though these guys obviously know the genre well. They hit all the right tropes but really play it safe. There is one sort of Death Metal-inspired riff that crops up during 'The Wheels of Fate' that really hits at the perfect time and I really wish the song would have ended on it, since that is the only real build up that hit the mark for me.

Like everything is just so organized to a tempo track that it just begs to break out a bit. Not to mention that some better sampling could have brought that dynamic edge out a bit more. Honestly I think a lot of the dynamic range that this could have had is killed by those damn programmed drums. Will this hit all the right feel during a storm? Will the rhythm guitars crush and suffocate at high volume levels? Which is a shame since it really could have. I get why people use programmed drums since not only is it a hard instrument to record since you would absolutely need a good recording room and the resources to capture all the parts but separating the pieces of the drum kit to get them to sit in the mix properly can be a nightmare sometimes.

Thus, things get expensive quick. That being said though, they bring so much more life, dynamics and presence that only a drummer can replicate. Get these guys a drummer!! Quando mi hanno detto che qualcuno era riuscito a dedicare un disco doom metal all'improbabile parabola politica e mediatica di Forza Italia e del Paese in generale , non ero sicurissimo di aver capito bene a cosa mi trovavo davanti.

I quattro hanno fatto un'operazione estremamente competente dal punto di vista musicale, a sostegno di un concept francamente mai sentito in questo contesto notevole l'inizio praticamente post-rock di "II Parte: D. Il disco si divide in due lunghe suite da oltre venti minuti ciascuna, oltre al succitato preludio e un interludio, e possiamo interpretarlo come un'opera teatrale o un film, non tanto diverso dalla vita politica ultra-mediatizzata che ormai sembra aver travolto l'intero spazio sociale.

Complimenti anche alla Endless Winter che, non so quanto consapevolmente, ha dato alle stampe qualcosa di cui stranamente c'era davvero bisogno. Aristocrazia Webzine June Heavily infused with blues, it is an ass-kicking composition. I will always applaud a band that fuses different elements to create their own little microcosm. Satori Junk brave new territory. Skullsnbones June Severomorsk is a city in the far North of the European part of the Russian Federation, on the Kola peninsula, and quite close to the not-that-unknown city of Murmansk.

Evgenyi real name of Nordmad wrote, recorded and released six lengthy tracks the total running time clocks about seventy-seven minutes in very early via his own digital channels. Then Endless Winter, one of the most interesting Doom labels from Russia, showed up, and this label decided to have that material released on compact disc too. The beautiful! Oh yes, pay attention, for this re-release is limited to an edition of copies — and I have mine already….

What Nordlumo bring has nothing renewing or original at all. Opener The Autumn Fall immediately shows the greatness of this album. It starts with a melancholic keyboard introduction, soon joined by typifying yet perfectly handled instrumentation: a truly monumental rhythm string section bass and guitars , melodious leading guitar parts, slowly pounding yet intense drum patterns and the melancholic sound of synths at the background.

Slowly and repetitive, this heaviness crawls further, weaving an impenetrable web of inertia and tardiness. Besides, the excellent sound quality empowers this massiveness. The production is simply top-notch, full and perfectly mixed, and all individual instruments are equal in presence and audibility.

Great instrumental hymn to start this album with! As from Devotion on, the second track which lasts for minutes , we get really started! Shooting off with floating keyboards, those hammering drums and a truly fine bass line, we get soon immersed by another not-original-at-all but simply fabulous heavier passage, defining melancholy, grief, anger, pain and despair in a sonic way.

And indeed, even the ultra-deep growling grunt of Nordmad seamlessly fits to this Aural Art. Devotion and all other hymns are divided into organically cohesive chapters, tied by different intermezzi of acoustic or synth-based passages of ambient, funereal or gloomy nature , by piano, or via compelling twin leads and solos. Worth mentioning, evidently, is the track Weathered, which is a cover by sadly defunct Colosseum, taken from their debut full length, Chapter I: Delirium.

It is an extremely faithful reinterpretation of that song, reminding me a lot of the original one, and at least as spectacular in performance. Premarone are an Italian Doom band, originating from the Piedmontian region at the French border , who took the audience by surprise with their debut album Obscuris Vera Involvis Nicotine Records. Three friends started jamming together, and when a fourth human being joined the crew, Pol bass , Ale drums and percussions , Mic synths, Theremin, Monotron recorder and Fra vocals and guitars continued as Premarone.

I somewhere read that they were named after a very small village somewhere within the Alpine mountains, by the way. The members are all influenced by Progressive and Rock Music from the Seventies and Eighties, and that did surely influence their play under the Premarone moniker. The introduction somewhat confuses me, for this short instrumental piece called Preludio: Mani Mulite sort of combines progressive rhythms with groovy melodies and cosmic-psychotic neurosis, quite modernised in approach.

I Parte: D. It is a fine element to notice that there is that variation in between more sludgy parts, being extremely intensive, old school oriented ones with that psychedelic attitude, Stoner-oriented fragments with a touch of modernism, traditional Doom excerpts that pay tribute to the roots of the scene, and chapters that refer to the late Sixties that even include those typifying organs and mushroomy guitar leads. All this gets collected in one single track, without losing control on the dynamic coherence that is so hardly needed.

The complexity of simplicity, it is an experience beyond imagination…. Interludio: Interferenze is a collage filled with noises and samples, taken from different sources, like a cacophonous amalgam, brain-twisting and frenzy. It has nothing to do with Doom Metal or Rock whatsoever, but it oh so fits to this concept! II Parte: D. Here too, like in the first official part, you can enjoy a chaotic yet structured mixture of different angles.

Satori Junk was founded in Milan in , their goal is to draw the listener into a different dimension with their fuzzy riffs and classical seventies influences. After a demo and several live performances they released their eponymous, first album. And finally its successor has arrived, and it is called 'The Golden Dwarf'!

After the intro the album sets off with the desolate beginning of 'All Gods Die', after which Satori Junk creates a heavy, psychedelic doom atmosphere. One heavy riff after the other is sent into the listener's brain, all the while guided by the melancholic vocals of Luke Von Fuzz. With these riffs and vocals, and a bunch of unpredictable sound effects, you will very soon get the idea that you have been transported into some kind of wonderland, the kind that Lewis Caroll created for Alice decades ago.

The heavy sounds keep on coming and make you feel totally at ease as you plunge down into the rabbit hole, even though the organ makes everything a little awkward and spooky. And so we move down, deeper and deeper into the abyss, but at no point do you feel alarmed because it all feels so good. So comfortable. And warm. These are lengthy songs, but I assure you that each bit is interesting and captivating. Eventually, after a long and confusing journey, we arrive at 'The Golden Dwarf', a beautiful song that is clearly based on Black Sabbath's 'Black Sabbath', but Satori Junk manages to give an even doomier and darker vibe to their rendition of this classic song.

I would even say creepy because of the added synthesizer effects. After this initial part we are cast into another downward or is it upward? I shouldn't have drunk that potion! This sounds a lot like a Black Sabbath medley, and a very good one at that! I have heard some pretty decent covers lately but every once in a while you will find one that surpasses the original. Oh dear, what is he saying? Yes, it happens, and this one surely is one of them.

Maybe it is because of my preference for slow, heavy music or perhaps I have heard the original a couple times too many, but most probably it is because Satori Junk gives its own, wonderful twist to this tribute. I have no idea what the subliminal message at the end says, but it is probably something along the lines of: "It's fun to take a trip. While listening to Acid Witch. Lords of Metal May A few years after their self-titled full-length album, Italy's Satori Junk have once again emerged from the black of night to lure listeners into their den of hazy psychedelic doom with their new release "The Golden Dwarf".

This time around there's a little less fuzz especially around the vocals to further expose the naked, unnatural horrors that await you. After a spoken intro the music starts all bluesy and ominous like a film noir before descending into the smoky underworld of stoner-doom with eerie acid-inspired keys over the top. There are a few subtle goth rock twists to the typical doom formula as well - I hear a touch of Bauhaus breaking through on tracks like "Cosmic Prison" and "Death Dog".

The title track is full-on breath-taking terror from the get go, doom metal soaked in a chilling, gloomy atmosphere, but then halfway through it bursts into frantic rocking fury - but after all the energy is spent the song falls back into slow doom for just a minute before dissolving as the breathless instruments hopelessly struggle to stay alive.

And then the final track comes in with a booming organ introduction that will blow you away - the heaviest cover of The Doors' "Light My Fire" that we will probably ever hear. If you thought that Type O Negative had already brought this song to the dark side then think again because Satori Junk kills all of the song's upbeat swing and instead creates a downtrodden doom with new keyboard and guitar solos that seem to dance and scream with a sick delirium.

The whole album feels like a fever dream that takes place in a haunted mansion - something that will give you chills for weeks to come. Super Dank Metal Jams May Iyezine May Sarete poi voi a scegliere a quali santi affidarvi, rimanendo consci del fatto che i Suum suonano il Doom che amano e conoscono a menadito, evitando di cadere nel tranello delle becere scopiazzature. I trentacinque minuti dell'album abbracciano il panorama in maniera ampia e avvolgente, mostrandosi classici, epici e rocciosi, forti di una solida e matura devozione nei confronti di chi ha creato il sentiero da percorrere.

Al tempo stesso mostrano una prova compositiva ed esecutiva di spessore, nella quale emergono i bei riff di Painkiller, la compattezza della base ritmica fornita dal bassista Marcas e dal batterista Rick, mentre Marco imprime ai pezzi la dovuta forza dietro al microfono, tingendoli talvolta di atmosfere spettrali, altre ipnotiche.

I Suum si trovano perfettamente a proprio agio in questa nicchia accogliente, ma viva e pulsante anche nel Buona la prima! Aristocrazia Webzine May Metalitalia May The slightly reverberated vocals tend to enhance the slow paced rhythms, accompanying flawlessly the grooves throughout the songs. Round Trip May Satori Junk new album The Golden Dwarf didn't grab me at first when I originally listened to the album and that's perhaps down to the two opening songs - Intro and All Gods Die.

Intro opens with a standard audio soundbyte about the perils of modern environmental issues.

#HAI MAI CRIMINALE - Conosciamo Il Maestro

The whole flow of this song and album feels influenced by Faith No More. Satori Junk change their sound at so many different parts of the album that it sometimes can be very hard to understand what is going on. I admire Satori Junk's willingness to experiment with their sound and leave the listener questioning what they are listening to. The majority of these songs run between to ten minutes and fifteen minutes in length.

This may sound like I don't rate the album at all. However, I actually rate this album very highly. I haven't a clue what the whole album means as I need to devote more time listening to the album. Time which I don't currently have at the moment. However, I will in the future as The Golden Dwarf is an album that will leave a mighty impression on you. Satori Junk style of music could be classed as Avant-Garde at times with everything sounding like a psychedelic nightmare coming to life.

The production is quite loud and intense at times with the majority of the epic songs having the most powerful and out-there moments on the album. Satori Junk has never been the easiest band to categorize and that won't change with this album. The Golden Dwarf is a superb album. No question, though it will be some time before I build up the nerve to listen to it again Outlaws Of The Sun May Astor Voltaires es el proyecto solista del chileno Juan Escobar, quien fue muy conocido en la escena metalera chilena y mundial por haber cantado y tocado teclados con Mar de Grises y posteriormente con Bauda.

Juan, muchos conocen tus proyectos, sobre todo cuando tocaste con Mar de grises y Bauda. Hola Manuel. La inquietud siempre estuvo desde que recuerdo. Es un idioma muy bonito que espero aprender a fondo. Interesante pregunta. Firmamos con uno de los grandes sellos metaleros a nivel mundial, pero nunca al nivel mainstream de Criminal. Creo que el doom metal nunca va a ser mainstream. Pero de los gringos me espero cualquier locura.

Mayormente he estado haciendo mezclas y masterizaciones. No solo de metal vive el hombre haha. Cada cual con sus gustos, eso es lo que opino. Los va a llenar de esperanzas y alejar de la tierra llena de gente mala haha. No soy muy de novelas, pero un poeta que me cambio la vida fue Eduardo Anguita, Chileno. Primero agradecerte a ti por la confianza y por el apoyo. Novutrefall Records May The foursome from Milano offers something for doomer and stoner alike in their new LP and it is indeed a trip — perhaps their finest yet.

Doom on acid! Were it not for the opening narration, I would have almost believed I was in for an altogether different record. The new landscape presents the atmospheric synth, spacey synth, and bizarre, swirling noises that rise like incense unto the heavens. A madman strikes the organ, and we hear the echo of unhinged vocals, joined by grim, grinding riffs. The Golden Dwarf is a funhouse filled with disturbing twists and turns, steep slides, spinning disks, shifting floors, and oddly distorted mirrors.

What makes it work so well is the bed of fuzz-soaked doom and a mean-as-nails beat that grounds our footing in this floating barge of psychedelic lights, cascading pedal chirps, and otherworldly synth. It can be pre-ordered here. We met in the spring of , after publishing an announcement on a local music website. Since we had not a single riff ready, we spent our first rehearsals jamming. Sometimes we played more than twenty minutes over a single riff, improvising or making little changes to our parts. After a month playing as an instrumental trio, Luke arrived. Together we decided to color our wall of sound with synths.

That winter we were ready to record our demo: Doomsday. The main character, Richard, owns a secondhand store with that name. These two words together to create a wonderful contrast. This could also fit in our music. An acid and powerful mixture of heavy riffing with something more colorful and ethereal, like the synths from the seventies. Musically, we always try to gather inspiration by every kind of music we are into. Every band member exploits his own influences and contributes to the final work.

Our lyrics are like short, surreal stories with bizarre characters, perfect for a B-Movie horror script. When we recorded our first album, we had no expectation at all. People are starting to recognize our sound and we feel a little more responsibility. In three years, we have grown a lot, changed our drummer, whose effort was fundamental, and tried to distance ourselves from genre stereotypes to develop our own sound.

There is always a link between our previous work and the new one. The Golden Dwarf is a potion. A magic drink to achieve tranquility, calm down the anger and relief the pain. Finally, would you be willing to guide is through the tracks on the new album and give us any insight into each of the songs? Some people find relief in faith, some prefer to fight for their own and others prefer to give up and comply with society. Everyone has his own prison. The title track is the epilogue: shaken by anxiety, suffering and hate, we try to find a solution, drinking from the magic bottle.

The Intro is a spoken word clip, that introduces the album, with some haunting warnings. All Gods Die is slow to start, the instrumentation mixes haunting melodies, with piercing precision to create, something definitely acidic. The guitars create the horror that the lyrics sing of. When the heaviness kicks in the listener knows, this song blares through from one end to another, a true heavy opener.

Cosmic Prison is a layer of solid sludge, guitars and drums in synch, the vocals tell the story of something horrifying and gruesome. Blood Red Shrine is a trip, the guitars, the drums the rhythm of the song is slow, with something like death creeping up on you, ready to pounce and take everything to the next level.

laliberacompagnia.org has expired

Death Dog has swagger and groove the guitars and the drums carry the song aptly. The Golden Dwarf is the title track, and it makes everything that much more interesting, eerie, anthemic and heavy all at once, something that really carries over and makes things sing properly.

The Median Man May Liricamente sempre me interessou o lado obscuro das coisas. Mark Wolf: Obrigado pela interessante entrevista. Sigam o Sabbath! The Candlemass inspired riffs and melancholy vocal style of Mark Wolf conjure up soul sucking forces that are just too damn good to turn off. Epicus Doomicus Metallicus was released at the peak of thrash metal domination and did everything opposite from what that community was into at the time. Moody blues rock inspired by the jams of Black Sabbath forged with leviathan punk chords that stalled until death set in became a common practice in the doom metal scene, but somewhere along the line that formula became muddled with a thousand different possibilities and for better or worse the genre evolved.

Suum does not muddle the formula or attempt to present an aesthetic that is anything but traditional. By track two, one should expect that the quality of Suum is going to continue. Exciting grooves frequently bring a freshness to the otherwise apocalyptic melodrama of the album. Its titular track is a great example of this. Doom metal is at its best when the music is as invigorating as it is brooding. Empowering chords compliment primitive war drums and a cascade of enthralling vocals.

A doom metal dirge is only as good as the headbanging forewarning that precede it, and I think that Suum did a really good job of capturing both of the necessary elements that make great doom metal songs. The temptation of death and all of its fascinating entropy is superbly captured. Marco states Suum is not influenced by Christianity, but with so many doom metal bands throughout the ages using the mystical symbolism toward their own ends it just looks right in place on the band's artwork.

Suum proves that truly no greater limits need to be reached with doom metal, and that when done correctly throwbacks can still achieve quality without contriving rehashed styles. The album may be called Buried Into The Grave, but now raised from the dead, Suum is as they style themselves, doom for the doomed. Doom Gazed May I had not heard of them before, but apparently Shattered Sigh are active for more than a decade.

They were formed as Black Whirlpool in , and in they changed their moniker into the current one. Investigation, however, taught me that it was not that strange at all that I did not know them. Then things went silent, until last year. With a renewed line-up, this Barcelona-based band re-entered the Axtudio in order to record Distances. Six pieces were chosen and gathered as Distances, and this got released independently and digitally. But hurray oops, a hollo of joy for a Doom-release; what going on? After a short introduction, consisting of eerie soundwaves, distant church balls and the sound of wind nah, who needs originality, if this introduction says it all , this Catalonian horde brings quite typifying Doom-Death Metal in a vein that holds the middle in between melancholy and harshness.

This material — but what else did you expect — is ultimately slow and oh so melodious in performance. The basics are built upon melodious leads, tremolo riffs, and dual lead melodies. It surely sounds depressing, introvert, integer and sad, with a hint of funereal darkness. Every half a minute, something changes, evolves, sometimes expected, then again quite sudden.

Breaks, interludes, changes in melodic structure, solos, semi-acoustic excerpts and so on — it truly is an adventurous thing, this Distances album. I wrote hundreds of reviews for albums within this specific kind of Music, and quite often I referred to a lack of originality. But at the same time, I did always add that one does not need any renewing material, at least in case when the result equals, or overpowers, the high level of other notorious acts.

But believe me: in the end, this whole journey is truly of a convincingly high quality. ConcreteWeb Apr Over the years, there has been an extraordinary amount of Doom bands springing up in Russia. Nordlumo are an example of such, and 'Embraced By Eternal Night' is their debut. I have to confess that I really wanted to like this release purely based upon the images that they used on the album cover. I'm a sucker for a beautiful picture, and this inlay has several so I was an immediate fan on that front. Musically, I thought this release was pretty bang average, to be blunt.

It's stereotypical Funeral Doom from Russia that most of you have heard time and time again with the odd soaring solo, whispered vocals, and atmospheric drifts. The growls are quite good though - I did like them. Ultimately, I thought the music was a little tame here though. It was lacking in drama in any capacity, basically. I don't mind the "tame" approach to Funeral Doom as long as it's done properly but I never got the impression that 'Embraced By Eternal Night' was.

Don't get me wrong - I can't complain about the musicianship because that seems peachy enough, as does the mix. I just don't feel like the song structures are particularly interesting, which is a bit of a shame when you consider that all other required ingredients for a good release appear to be present here. There was only one thing on this album that I disliked. As some of you will have noticed, the misspelling of 'Millennium' in the fifth track does indeed serve as a prelude for grammatical annihilation of the English language. I understand the image s that Nordlumo tried to create with their songs and I even appreciate them to an extent.

However, the way in which they've conveyed them via a second language is really damaging to those images. I'd almost rather they wrote the lyrics and song titles in Russian because at least there's a touch of mystique for those of us that don't speak Russian, that is! The images are great; their descriptions of the images are poor. Other than that, just the odd instance of the cymbals keeping the pace of the music moving too fast and keyboards dragging on for too long irked me. Unlike some Doom fans, I'm not averse to a band doing what others have done before them. A direct copy would be annoying but few of those exist.

I recognise that most Doom approaches have already been done in the past so it would be harsh of me to be critical of a band for making a release that sounds like others because it's inevitable really. Therefore, I try to rate the release based upon the music itself rather than how original it is.

However, I struggle to find anything about this release - other than the artwork - that I could endorse to any Funeral Doom fans. I wouldn't say that there's anything musically on this release that is badly done but it's not particularly atmospheric, captivating, or interesting.

My view is that this CD only belongs in the library of an avid Funeral Doom collector because it's hard to imagine that many people would find much merit on 'Embraced By Eternal Night'. The Italian fuzzy foursome Satori Junk is back! Three years ago, they released the amazing self-titled record that brought us pure delicate and heavy gold.

And now they return with a follow-up called The Golden Dwarf. On it they transform seventies psych and prog into something nasty, creepy and grimy. Full of electronic touches and a wall of fuzz their self-proclaimed acid horror comes to climax on the third track Cosmic Prison. Its sticks, it enchants, and it creeps you out like a crazed haunted mansion. What a song! And they continue that level though out the album with their very own take on psychedelic doom.

This is the stuff that dreams are made off, or nightmares! Either way, The Golden Dwarf is your ticket out of this dreary world and into a land of magic and horror! I for one am laying my head down on the Blood Red Shrine to see what Satori Junk and The Golden Dwarf will do with it… They already have my head, heart and soul anyway!

Stoner Hive Apr Suum are Italian doom metal legends, who have proven on this new record that they deserve their place in the pantheon of greatness. Starting with an absolute monster of a song in Tower of Oblivion, it is clear from the moment the thunder rolls in and the bass and guitars kick in that the band means business. This is an absolutely terrifying piece of metal from the band, and demonstrates their skills and capabilities excellently.

Black Mist is a shake through, a story and a journey that is based on a moving set of parts, riffs and melodies that create the ultimate doom metal track. Title track Buried Into The Grave is a chilling piece, mixing groovy, and doom-laden riffs, with precise rhythms and vocal points, it is a song that is sure to get people moving.

Last Sacrifice is a dance through the movements, precise, brilliant and earth-shattering in its simplicity. Seeds of Decay is a slow-moving, growling song that brings out some of the meatiest riffs that have been in metal as of late. The Woods Are Waiting is a patient, precise and slow-moving instrumental track that does much to set an interval between proceedings. Shadows Haunt The Night is a thumping monster of a song, brimming with riffs and heaviness, filled with potents and all sorts of dark and dangerous things, a sure sign that things are progressing.

The Median Man Apr Howling croons, chainsaw guitars, bong-rattling bass lines, and thundering drums abound on this release Providing a hybrid of carnival music and a horror movie soundtrack, The Doors influence is undeniable when it comes to Satori Junk's unique sound. The Golden Dwarf starts out with a spoken intro, which serves as more of a warning to the listener and with good cause.

Satori Junk has basically provided us with the soundtrack to a lucid dream, or nightmare in this case. It would be wise to take this warning seriously or you may not make it back out. After the intro is over, we get 5 fucking big chunks of original material followed by a cover of Light my Fire by The Doors to close out the album. If you're familiar with Satori Junk, you already know what you're in for. If not, there is nothing that I could possibly say to prepare you for the aural onslaught you are about to experience.

Before I had a chance to listen to The Golden Dwarf in it's entirety, I had the opportunity to catch up with Luke and ask him a few questions about the record and other stuff as well. Fucking awesome, man. Once I session the album a few times, that may change but they're all rad. LVF: Cool. I'm just curious because I think every song on the album is different, so everyone can appreciate something about it. I'm a big fan of The Doors so I can't wait to get to that cover song as well. What made you want to start playing music in the first place and who do you consider your influences for what you are creating with Satori Junk?

I really dig 70s psych a lot. So I thought, why don't we start a band combining the horror aspect of Doom with the mindblowing aspect of Psych? That's how we created Satori Junk. That's for sure. In addition to musical influences, where do you pull your influences from, lyrically? LVF: My lyrics are inspired by my dreams I experimented with lucid dreaming a while ago and began to write stories.

The Golden Dwarf is a collection of those psychedelic stories. Every song has a moral and often the characters within die at the end. I hope to make the listener travel to a different world, the edge of their subconscious. Seems like your mind is a pretty dark place. It definitely works well with the style of music you play. Other than Satori Junk, are you or any of the other guys actively working on other projects that you think your fans should know about?

LVF: Yes. Max and Lory have a grindcore duo called Penguin Corpse, powerful yet funny. I also work on electronic music in a solo project. Chris also like to create stuff with analog synthesizers when he isn't playing guitar. He's a very creative musician! None of us can stop making music haha. Sounds like you all have a lot of musical outputs. Any hobbies, outside of playing music? We are all music fans, so we go to a lot of festivals and shows to see bands live.

We like to drink and smoke, meet new people. I also make trippy designs. We're all creative people always looking for new outlets. So you guys have been working with the same artist, Roberto Borsi, since your last album. How did you guys connect with him? LVF: Roberto is an awesome tattoo artist. Chris has a lot of tattoos by him, so he has been a customer and friend of his for years. We all love his art. So he created this concept idea of the monster on our cover art, which I think represents the mood of our music perfectly. The most important part of this album's art is the bottle.

You no longer suffer, but you don't feel anything good either. It comes with a contract, you must trade your soul for the potion. This is the story told by the title track on the album. This is our goal as a band too, We want to trade our record for your soul hahahaha. Last question: Stranded on a desert island, one book and one record. Name em. I'm pretty sure. Well it was rad talking to you, man.

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Getting a little bit of insight into the mind of Satori Junk. Looking forward to May 10th for the album to drop! Thanks to the band for hooking me up with the promo. The Golden Dwarf will be available on May10th, Check out the bandcamp link below to listen to the first single and pre-order the album while you're at it. Don't drop the ball on this one. It's a no-brainer. D00mwizard's dungeon Apr Enjoy this Stygian and occult album featuring seven tracks of pure gloomy Doom Metal, masterfully delivered by an Italian quartet that has already succumbed to the dark side of music.

Comprised of Mark Wolf on vocals, Painkiller on the guitar, Marcas on bass and Rick on drums, Suum are releasing now in the full-length album Buried Into The Grave, featuring seven tracks of pure gloomy Doom Metal, bringing to your ears not only a Stygian sound tailored for the doomed, but also cryptic lyrics about darkness, doom and occultism, being highly recommended for fans of Black Sabbath, Danzig, Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Electric Wizard, and all other bands and artists that have beautifully succumbed to the darkest and most lugubrious side of music.

Marcas kicks off this damned feast with his low-tuned bass until the rest of the band joins him in darkness, with lead singer Mark Wolf haunting our souls with his Black Sabbath-inspired vocals while Painkiller fires sheer obscurity through his riffs, with all vileness increasing in intensity until its crisp ending.

And their Doom Metal mass goes on in Black Mist, led by the steady beats by Rick while the phantasmagoric vocals by Mark and the heavier-than-hell riffs by Painkiller generate a truly somber atmosphere; followed by Buried Into The Grave, which in my humble opinion is the most Stygian of all tracks of the album hence, it would definitely make Tony Iommi proud. Not only the vocal lines are deep and deranged, but the combined sound of guitar, bass and drums create this gloomy creature that will mercilessly enfold you just like pitch black darkness.

Last Sacrifice is another classic Doom Metal tune spearheaded by the slashing riffage by Painkiller and the slow but intricate beats by Rick, putting you on a trance and inspiring you to crack your neck headbanging, with the music flowing smoothly and darkly until the end. Then bringing the most acid and somber elements from Stoner Metal and Rock we have Seeds Of Decay, an atmospheric and sluggish creation by Suum with highlights to the rumbling sounds extracted by both Painkiller and Marcas from their hellish strings, whereas in the melancholic and introspective instrumental The Woods Are Waiting we face more rain and wind, going on for a bit too long though albeit nothing that will make you skip it.

And finally, rhythmic drums and scorching hot riffs ignite their last breath of old school Doom Metal, the somber extravaganza titled Shadows Haunt The Night, where Painkiller sounds absolutely on fire during the entire song, adding an extra touch of malignancy and obscurity to the final result.

Voronezh, about kilometres North-East from the border with Ukraine, is a city with a vivid Extreme Metal scene. Sterbefall, Effluo, Ravencry, Memorial nowadays active as NorthZyklon , Skyfall, and so on — for several of them I did write a review in the past. This band was formed at the very end of last decade, but with exception of the recording of a demo, and probably some local gigs, nothing adventurous happened.

Soon the band split up. They were joined by bass player R. Pickman, and together they recorded and released This Dead Is World, their official debut full length studio album, which saw the light via Endless Winter, one of the most impressive Doom-laden labels from Russian soil. About one year and a half after that first release, the very same label kindly offers us, dearest audience, the sophomore full length album, which is called Ephemere. This time joined by a fourth musician too, being guitar player Z.

Grievous bitter laments , D. Akron keys to Purgatory and R. Pickman tragic lutes became a quartet. They recorded some new material and stuff that was written before as well, by the way, but not decently recorded yet in the Pickmaland Studio owned by R. The result is a collection of six lengthy compositions nine to twelve minutes of duration and a short outro with piano and fine percussions. The CD comes in an edition of copies, including an eight-page booklet, which contains the lyrics in English and quite sober yet expressive visual artwork.

The album totally, deeply, convincingly overwhelms as from the first song, which is the title track. Every remnant of joy or happiness has been banned; the only pleasure is that masochistic feeling of loneliness, loss, sadness, mental illness and suicidal longing. Within the more melancholic excerpts, rather than the angry ones, self-pity prevails; the harsher parts are like an expression of frenzy and madness. But in all cases, the keyword is like any definition that means the opposite of happiness.

The sound quality strengthens these feelings. All instruments are nicely balanced, yet with quite a raw, unpolished, even swampy sound mix. Electric and acoustic guitars and the synth lines are put on the foreground, yet the whole rhythmic instrumental session remains important, permanently pushing and hammering. It represents the human kind, waiting for the end, without knowing that the end is near….

Doomy parts are injected by other decelerations. Each time when dissecting the album, new elements seem to get born, being brought in a perfected symbiosis. And once, only one in a while, there is something like an acceleration, angry and malignant, devastating and merciless — cf. It would be too easy to dissect each single chapter no, actually, it would not at all, to be honest , but let the Music k speak for itself. Probably I could skip it but there are two familiar persons in the lineup, they are Mark Wolf who also sings in great doom band Bretus and mister Painkiller who plays guitars in Fangtooth.

Hi Aleksey! The perfect soundtrack for a nocturnal walk in cemetery. The reviews have been full of praise and reactions have been mostly very positive, we have received a lot of appreciation from zines, web zines and doom maniacs. Totally unexpected. We are preparing for some Doomed Rituals and the promotion of the album goes on. Okay, SuuM is pretty fresh outfit, we know you from Bretus and Painkiller is from Fangtooth, but what about the other guys? How did you gather under the Doom Cult tattered banner? The line up is completed by Rick and Marcas.

What made you take part in one more doom band? What's your motivation? Do you feel you have something new to say in this genre? Everything was born spontaneously, I've known Painkiller for a long time, he was born in Sicily, I'm from Calabria, we have shared the stage many times in the past. For various reasons we both live in Rome, we met Rick and Marcas and from the first rehearsal the right alchemy was created. There is no particular reason behind this choice. What drives me and the other guys in the band is the desire to continue to play this music with the right attitude.

Basically we just play music we want to listen to ourselves. By the way, how do you feel an essence of doom metal? Bretus deals with horror stories, and it seems that SuuM isn't faraway from this topic. I think Bretus and SuuM are different both musically and in lyrics, surely it would not make sense for me to play in two similar projects.

It's a state of mind, the doom must be breathed and must be lived, it's not just a musical genre. It is the mirror of soul. Soul is the most important thing when playing this music. What did influence on SuuM heavily overloaded sound? Why did you stop on it?

In Bretus you can find also 70's Rock, Psychedelia, Blues. SuuM play old school Doom Metal in an instinctive way , there is some death metal influence in the riffing. Painkiller, Rick and Marcas have their own background. SuuM and Bretus play doom music in two different ways, this allows me to try different vocal solutions, this is what I need. But in the same time your manner of singing is pretty recognizable.

Do you mean what you put different efforts or energy in singing for each band? With the use of the metaphors we describe the horror that surrounds us every day. I have always been interested in the dark side of the things. Some of the lyrics are introspective and many of these have been influenced by some things happening in my life. How many days did you have there? The recording sessions were very fast two days , it was a full immersion, we wanted to get a sound very close to what we are in our live shows.

What you can hear today is exactly the sound of SuuM. After being so long in Italian underground, how do you see it now? Does the life of bands become easier? Well Aleksey, as you know there are many excellent bands in Italy, no need to mention them, they are almost all present in your doom encyclopedia compliments again for Doom Metal Lexicanum. There is a lot of support among many bands, there is a great scene but there are few places to play live shows compared to the rest of Europe.

Both Bretus and SuuM new album were released by Russian label Endless Winter, don't you feel disappointed that the albums don't appear on Italian labels? We are not disappointed, is not necessary to have a release by an Italian label, we are comfortable with Endless Winter and Hellas Records, they are serious people who do their job with passion. However in the future anything can happen.

We are not innovators, we don't invent anything, we want to play only Doom metal in a primordial way. Do you already have an inspiration for the next record? Or maybe you are focused on the next Bretus album? At the moment the priority goes to live shows, surely we will perform as many live shows as we can, we will publish soon the details about the new next Doomed Rituals. Do you already have a general idea?

We have some ideas but it's too early to reveal it, it will certainly be something different, probably it will be a concept album, we will see Outlaws of the Sun Apr. Italiaanse doombands kunnen bij mij in het algemeen niet zo veel verkeerd doen. Werd ik eerder dit jaar al verrast door Black Capricorn, nu is in het vergelijkbare segment SuuM aan de beurt. In tegenstelling tot de zojuist genoemde landgenoten is dit een nog nagelnieuwe band, die pas vorig jaar ontstaan is.

Buried Into The Grave is het debuutalbum, dat vorige maand verscheen. Direct vanaf de eerste tonen van Tower Of Oblivion hebben muziek en sfeer me beet. Dit is precies die klassieke epische doom met de lome en wat karige muzikale invulling, verheven, galmende zang en old school beklemmende sfeer waar ik zo gek op ben. Je kent het wel: onweer, klokgelui, lome, maar zware riffs, sloom en doeltreffend getrommel, en zo'n typerende theatrale vocale voordracht zoals alleen de echte ouderwetse doombands dat kunnen.

Zelfs zo'n spaarzame, voorzichtige tempowisseling hoort daar bij, en zorgt voor wat levendigheid, zoals ook even later Black Mist laat horen. Urban Supply also gives voice to a concept of style in which the simple and Nordic appearance mixes with the culture of Japanese cities resulting in a pretty sporty look.

Worthy of note are the Japanese-inspired prints, the rubberized zippers, the elastic cords and the unexpected contrasts like the detachable hoods. The Denim Journey collection, on the other hand, has a difficult urban environment as a set. Old and new materials are combined to create innovative and high-quality garments. The classic Prince of Wales overcoat of Grandad, for example, is paired with sneakers and sports styles in technical fabrics.

The clothes have different fit to choose from, boxy fit, long-lines, drop shoulder and much more. Anche per la nuova stagione il brand californiano Santa Cruz non si smentisce e propone una nuova collezione in linea con la sua vera essenza. I pezzi forte di questa nuova linea sono le Dressen socks, il Flame Dot mesh cap e il Chain Dot wallet completo di catena. Ma non solo accessori. Even for this new season the Californian brand Santa Cruz does not contradict itself and proposes a new collection in line with its true essence. The highlights of this new line are the Dressen socks, the Flame Dot mesh cap and the Chain Dot wallet complete with chain.

But not just accessories. Coming soon is also the Tattoo Hybrid white t-shirt, the remake of the famous Screaming Hand by the great Jim Phillips and the Fast Times sweatshirt, in several colorways including burgundy with contrasting yellow prints. Dopo il lancio in Giappone che ha riscosso un successo clamoroso, Northwave Espresso arriva anche in Italia, disponibile nelle versioni Classic e Chill e nei colori originali che hanno segnato la storia di questa leggenda dello streetwear, non perdetevela!

The reboot of the Espresso, the famous sneaker model created by Northwave has finally arrived in the best Italian stores. The shoe was a success of the 90s thanks to the madness and the brilliant mind of a team of snowboarders, who had brought the unmistakable Big Boy sole of their snowboard boots on a street shoe designed to be used every day. After the launch in Japan that was a resounding success, Northwave Espresso also arrives in Italy, available in the Classic and the Chill versions and in the original colors that have marked the history of this streetwear legend, do not miss it!

Tornano le Osiris D3 ! Trovate tutti i rivenditori Osiris in Italia su www. The Osiris D3 are back! The Californian brand has put back into production its iconic model of sneakers born at the end of when the trend of big and bad shoes raged and from which design many sportswear and luxury brands have recently been inspired. A great shoe that will not go unnoticed! Find all the Osiris dealers in Italy on www. Must have di questa collezione sono sicuramente le felpe. La Split Varsity in particolare unisce tre felpe differenti andando a creare un unico patchwork decisamente interessante.

The must-haves of this collection are definitely the sweatshirts. The Split Varsity in particular combines three different sweatshirts to create a unique and very. Staple is distributed in Italy by Nitro Distribution. On www. Uno stile innovativo che anche per questa stagione propone capi originali che non sono solo vestiti ma un vero e proprio stile di vita. The Californian brand LRG is coming back this fall with a new collection that once again becomes the spokesman of independent culture and multiculturalism with the aim of influencing and rewriting the rules of street fashion.

The historical brand founded in has always distinguished itself for its unique style with a rebel soul, becoming the voice and the promoter in the field of art, music and fashion, with numerous collaborations with great artists of the international underground scene.

An innovative style that also for this season offers original garments that are not just clothes but a real lifestyle. Sono molte le nuove proposte in casa Impure per la stagione autunnale Interessanti sono anche le due camicie in flanella, la prima a classici scacchi sui toni del blu, mentre la seconda in color sabbia dal sapore work. Ancora una volta lo stile casual di Impure si combina con un tocco vintage anche grazie ai lavaggi che donano a vestiti un look vissuto ma allo stesso tempo attuale.

In this collection we can find a series of wool garments in different colors, from mustard yellow to blue. Without forgetting the classic winter colors like gray, dark green and burgundy. Also inter sting are the two flannel shirts, the first in classic chess tones in shades of blue, while the second in sand color with a work look.

Once again, the casual style of Impure combines with a vintage touch thanks to the washes that give the clothes a look that is lived but at the same time current. Maurizio Donadi ha utilizzato Re-Gen Denim per creare una special collection in limited edition di 12 capi ispirati ad un workwear evoluto e contemporary in puro total Re-Gen Denim. Candiani Denim, a brand of Italian excellence in the world and the first European denim producer, celebrates its 80th anniversary with the creation of the most sustainable jeans ever produced, the Re-Gen Denim.

Kitotex is a patented technology derived from Chitosan, a non-toxic, biocompatible and biodegradable naturally occurring polymer obtained by recycling the exoskeleton of shrimps. Indigo Juice, on the other hand, is a revolutionary water saving dyeing technology that significantly reduces the consumption of chemicals and energy in the process of production and washing of jeans. Indigo Juice allows a superficial dyeing of the yarn and in this way you can obtain a series of processing on Denim with a low environmental impact. Maurizio Donadi used Re-Gen Denim to create a special collection in limited edition of 12 garments inspired by an evolved and contemporary workwear in pure Re-Gen Denim style.

The collection was presented in Los Angeles on March 22nd in the Candiani Denim Development Center with the first event of the year dedicated to its 80th anniversary, the collection was then put on sale exclusively at Tenue de Nimes in Amsterdam, one of the most important store of the jeans culture in the world and that will hold the exclusive right to sell these pieces for the next few months. On April 18th during the days of Kingpings, an exclusive first sale was hold during an event that linked a weaving, a designer and an international retailer through the creation of a new and incredible innovative and sustainable fabric.

Candiani Denim is reconfirmed as a unique point of reference on the market of fabrics and fashion, combining the excellence of the raw material and the awareness of the final consumer. Tribeka di DC Shoes. Tribeka mantiene tutte le caratteristiche tecniche di cui ha bisogno per stare su uno skate. Disponibile in tre colorazioni. Degni di nota sono alcuni capi forti per il contrasto di colori.

I pantaloni INFIELD invece sono un modello cargo in colori camo, comodi e finalmente diversi dagli skinny pants che hanno dominato le mode degli ultimi anni. The 90s are coming back with the E. Tribeka by DC Shoes. Even if it is thinner than some older DC models, the E. Tribeka maintains all the technical features it needs to stay on a skateboard. DC Shoes once again guarantees quality and performance thanks to a flexible shoe that is suitable for all needs.

Support, comfort and lightness protect the foot from any impact. Available in three colorways. But the 90s revival does not just pass through shoes. The brand already at the time proposed clothes with strong color combinations and contrasts, a streetwear look that has been its characteristic for a long time and that is back today on the crest of the wave. The DC Shoes USA logo is heavily inserted on items, as required by the trends of this period, following a mood already launched and explored by the brand in the past. Worthy of note are some strong clothes for their contrast of colors.

The INFIELD pants instead are a cargo model in camo colors, comfortable and finally different from other skinny pants that have dominated the fashion in recent years. Sabato 23 Giugno , presso Via E. Una grande serata di festa e allegria con Santa Cruz! The traditional Santa Cruz Party attracts every year hundreds of very excited guys and has lots of activities that have made it become a true.

The artist contest has been the protagonist of the evening: the 9 selected artists had the task of painting their works in a Jim Phillips style on skateboards and the best graphic was selected by expert judges and had the opportunity to be included in the Santa Cruz collection, in addition to winning a week of Surf Camp in Spain by Surf to Live. The best graphic of the edition was During the evening, the 9 paintings has been auctioned and all the money has been donated to support the admirable onlus of the group Daboot for their activities of Freestyle Hospital.

A great evening of celebration and fun with Santa Cruz! Spiegateci il vostro progetto? Come siete diventati sneakers freakers? Collezionisti o Reseling? Ci occupiamo solo di resell. Indubbiamente Off-White, soprattutto nelle collaborazioni con Nike. Suscitano ancora interesse marchi come Supreme e Yeezy, sebbene ci sia stato un progressivo calo di hype. Quante scarpe acquistate in un mese?

Bisognerebbe dividere tra personal cop e cop di gruppo, quindi i numeri oscillano tra 5 e Ma non diremo mai le cifre precise! Quante line avete fatto negli ultimi anni sneakers fans line? Cosa pensate del fashion che ultimamente ha cercato di entrare prepotentemente nello streetwear? What is Spaghetticop? Our Spaghetticop project has the aim of using services focused on the online section of the sneakergame, guaranteeing our users a substantial increase in purchase chances. Our services range from site monitoring, tutorials, tips on using bots, guides, general support up to market forecasts.

How did you become sneakers freakers? We approached this world following the strong growth of this sector in which we have noticed great gaps in terms of information technology in our country. Collectors o Resellers? We focus on reselling. What are the most wanted brands at the time being? Without any doubt Off-White, especially in collaborations with Nike. Also brands such as Supreme and Yeezy are still attracting interest, although there has been a gradual decline of their hype.

How many shoes do you buy in a month? We should split the number between personal cop and group cop, so the numbers range between 5 and But we will never say the exact amount! How many sneakers fans lines did you do in the past years? We mainly focus on the online market, so none of them, although some customers of the group habitually camp-out.

Supreme vs Off-White, in your opinion who will resist in the upcoming years? We think that to stay alive will undoubtedly be Supreme given the interest that continues to arouse regardless of the socio-cultural differences of the customers. What do you think about the fashion world that lately tried to enter the streetwear sector forcefully? It is a contamination that denotes the importance and growth of this market.

The interaction between these two worlds leads, and will lead in the future, to interesting collaborations and to increase in the quality of the product. What street style means to you? The street style is a movement that involves an impressive number of people at various levels of interest and engagement. For the services we offer, it is a very prosperous and stimulating sector because it is in continuous and rapid evolution. What was the most hyped shoe in the last years?

What will be the most anticipated launch of ? In occasione del lancio del suo nuovo modello di sneaker, Cityroam, Timberland ha organizzato il progetto Unlock The City, fondendo in un mix unico la musica e la metropoli milanese, senza perdere di vista lo stile unico del brand. Seguiti dal dj set di Dj Shablo. Lo stile unico di Timberland ha travolto tutti i fan, grazie alla carica data dai brani iconici dei famosi artisti e allo stile urban inconfondibile del brand.

Marco Locati, artista di talento di Asian Fake, ha disegnato infatti le grafiche di 3 t-shirt, una per ognuno dei tre artisti coinvolti. The highly anticipated event, immediately sold out since the early days, has finally conquered the city. The industrial design location was the unprecedented setting of an ex Cityroam, the new lace-up model of the brand, is made of soft leather with a AeroCore technological heart, the energy system characterized by the aerodynamic design of the lightweight sole and which has set new standards in terms of shock absorption and amortisation, able to offer extreme stability and exceptional comfort.

The unique style of Timberland has overwhelmed all fans, thanks to the charge given by the iconic songs of the famous artists and the unmistakable urban style. All accompanied by a photographic exhibition hanged in the main rooms. Timberland and this music scene were linked by the partnership with Asian Fake, one of the most brilliant labels in the Italian music scene, which crea-. Marco Locati, the talented artist of Asian Fake, drew the graphics of 3 t-shirts, one for each for the three artists involved. The complete collection has been launched on October 3rd during the event and went immediately sold out at the Timberland flagship store in Milan, but it will be again available while stocks last from the 22nd to 28th of October.

La prima scuola di moda che prepara professionisti nel campo del denimwear e jeanswear ha aperto a Milano con un primo workshop di due settimane. Ora, la capitale della moda italiana conferma il suo ruolo nella crescita degli specialisti del fashion e arricchisce il calendario dei corsi attualmente offerti grazie ad un nuovissimo istituto che mira a formare esperti nella tela indaco.

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Nasce infatti la prima scuola italiana dedicata al denimwear e al jeanswear, una delle poche al mondo. La scuola ha aperto le sue aule il 24 settembre per il primo workshop, un corso teorico e pratico complessivo di due settimane attraverso il quale gli studenti hanno esplorato la cultura e la storia del denim. Hanno affrontato gli aspetti di base delle tecniche di progettazione, produzione e tintura in un laboratorio di tre giorni, al termine del quale sono passati alla pratica creando il proprio paio di jeans. Tutti i corsi sono aperti a coloro che sono interessati ad approfondire la propria conoscenza del denim e quindi non I jeans, infatti, hanno segnato la cultura degli ultimi anni, essendo prima abiti da lavoro pratici e resistenti che gli operai usavano per indossare, poi, nel dopoguerra, diventando simboli di disobbedienza e ora rappresentano un must nel guardaroba di tutti, grazie anche ai designer che li hanno trasformati in un prezioso.

Un importante fattore di vendita, da tenere in considerazione. Inizia una nuova era del denim. The first fashion school that prepares professionals in the field of denimwear and jeanswear has opened in Milan with a first two-week workshop. When coming to fashion education programs, Milan is certainly an international reference point for students, offering the best schools such as Marangoni, Domus Academy, IED and the most recent Raffles.

Now, the capital of Italian fashion confirms its role in the growth of fashion specialists and enriches the calendar of courses currently offered thanks to a brand new institute that aims to train experts in the indigo canvas. The first Italian school dedicated to denimwear and jeanswear has been born, and it is one of the few in the world. Founded by Gianni Fontana, fashion marketer and teacher, and Cristian Murianni, co-founder of the Milanese Denim Boulevard fair, The Denim School of Milan was officially launched on the 9th of July with the partnership of Acof Moda Milano, a fashion institute founded in and closely linked to the fashion sector.

The school opened its classrooms on September 24th for the first workshop, a two-week theoretical and practical course through which students explored the culture and history of denim. They tackled the basic aspects of design, production and dyeing techniques in a three-day workshop, after which they went to practice creating their own pair of jeans. All courses are open to those interested in deepening their knowledge of denim and therefore do not require any specific prior skills, but even people who already have basic technical skills will make the most of this opportunity.

In , the school will expand its educational range with a short one-month Why opening a denim school? An important sales factor to be taken into consideration. But what are the best qualities of a pair of traditional jeans?

A new era of denim begins. Ma andiamo con ordine. Il Micio nasce a Nagoya in Giappone ma nel , dopo aver studiato moda e dopo una successiva esperienza come stilista a Tokyo, si trasferisce in Italia. Attento alla cura dei dettagli, con pellami pregiati, Fukaya Hidetaka cerca ogni giorno di soddisfare a pieno le richiesta dei propri clienti. Nonostante tutte le scarpe che da anni vede giornalmente, Il Micio ha comunque un modello. Hidetaka Fukaya, also known as Il Micio, is a Japanese but Florentine citizen artist and craftsman who has been working for over ten years in his artisan shoe workshop between Via della Vigna Nuova and Via della Spada, in Florence, with the company of his big black cat.

But first things first. Il Micio was born in Nagoya in Japan, where he studied fashion and then had an experience as a stylist in Tokyo, but in he decided to move to Italy. The reason is simple: Fukaya has always been fascinated by the manufacture and the hand made production technique of the shoe. He then spent his first years in Florence where he learned to speak Italian and, two years later, he moved to Siena to study the art of footwear from masters of different laboratories. Very careful to details, thanks to fine leathers, Fukaya Hidetaka every day tries to fully meet the needs of its customers.

But what makes the shoes made by Fukaya so special? A shoe inspired by the English style of the 30s and 40s, slim and slender without exaggeration, made with high quality material to make the shoe sexy and elegant. Il Micio is not just about footwear though. Ci parli brevemente di te? Vengo dalla campagna giapponese, vicino a Hiroshima. Mi sono trasferita e ho studiato a Tokyo e, successivamente, ho vissuto a Londra per 8 anni. Ora vivo nella campagna toscana, a soli 15 minuti da Firenze. Dove vivo in Toscana ci sono molte piante spontanee, coltivo anche un piccolo orto.

Adoro vivere a Firenze a causa delle molte culture che si mischiano e dalle quali posso imparare qualcosa ogni giorno. Now I live in the countryside of Tuscany, just 15 mins from Firenze. The experience of the big cities life like Tokyo or London was very excited and stimulated my everyday life with its fast moving time.

Ho iniziato a lavorare con i vestiti quando avevo 18 anni a Tokyo, mentre stavo studiando moda. Lei mi ha presentato uno stilista che faceva remake di abiti vintage per video pubblicitari giapponesi ed ho iniziato ad assisterlo. Quali sono le tue esperienze didattiche nel settore moda? Ho appreso il mio metodo di sartoria scomponendo i vecchi indumenti europei per vedere come erano fatti. Come ti sei avvicinata al mondo della moda? Il mio approccio alla moda viene dalla mia infanzia e dagli abiti su misura fatti da mia madre.

La mia tecnica di Sashiko viene da lei. Sapeva anche tessere la seta in banda per il kimono anche se in campagna era. Ho lavorato come main tailor per 5 anni con loro, rifacendo capi vintage e proponendo un nuovo stile con lo stesso spirito. Puoi parlarci del tuo brand? Realizzo soprattutto abbigliamento personalizzato su misura che si sviluppa attraverso le richieste del cliente. Uso spesso i cartamodelli presi da pezzi originali vintage e poi li modifico a seconda del corpo di ogni cliente con un gusto nuovo. Firenze con il Giappone? Anche il modo in cui le cose vengono fatte a Firenze, puntando sempre alla perfezione.

Mi hai mostrato una giacca fatta con tessuti usati per proteggersi dalle zanzare, puoi raccontarci di cosa si tratta? Si tratta di un tributo. Facevo quelle giacche quando ero a Londra. Questi tessuti sono tinti con prodotti naturali contro le zanzare, normalmente blu indaco o verdi.

Quali tecniche giapponesi preferisci abbinare al. Sashiko e patch a taglio vivo. Sono molto affascinata dalla tecnica tradizionale giapponese di tingere il denim in indaco. Che legame hai con le tinture in indaco? Sono rimasta stupita della tecnica che ha usato, la sua famiglia ha anche inventato una macchina speciale solo per tingere in modo uniforme. Che significato ha il Boro per te?

Su quale materiale preferisci lavorare? Rispetto e mi piace usare materiale classico come la seta, la lana o il denim, ma mi piace sempre scoprire nuovi tessuti per confezionare capi. Can you tell us something about yourself?