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Now Max and Adam You both deserve so much better. I will be patiently waiting for the next book View all 5 comments. Oct 18, Heidi rated it really liked it. Straight up — I believe it is a cliff-hanger… well at least I hope it is, because I definitely need resolution! This was a hot read love triangle. The sexual tension was definitely in place between our three main characters. Lily, a 27 year old school teacher who is on a journey of self-discovery. Her journey to find that "perfect". Max is a sexy bad-boy ex-hockey player.

Max is really no good for me. And wild. I know that. But he brings out a side of me that I feel I need to hide. Adam is…. He makes me a better version of myself. I could see what each man was offering Lily and if you had that special piece of both men, you would have a perfect whole instead of Pieces of Perfect.

The only choice you have is whether or not you want to be found. View all 8 comments. This team writes as one would expect a seasoned author to and we are sure to see them on the best seller lists in no time. The story is well developed as are the characters. As Adam and Lily experience an emotional connection that overwhelms them, we as readers feel the thrill of the moment with them. When Adam experiences pain, we feel as if we are standing next to him. Elizabeth Hayley makes the reader fall in love with both leading men.

I for one could not decide whom I was rooting for. Then we have Adam. Lily is a quirky chick not looking to get into a serious relationship, but also amazed by herself after having what she thinks is going to be a one off. She takes the reader with her on the emotional roller coaster of her love life.

She is fun and likeable and draws the reader into her crazy world of love, passion and desire. The love scenes are realistic, relatable and soldering H-O-T at first with Max while being sweet and romantic with Adam, until Adam kicks it up a notch and knocks all our socks off with his knack for words weather spoken or texted. As Lily said, Max might be able to bring her to an orgasm with his voice but Adam can surely do the same with his words.

I was sad that this story had to come to an end and I am looking forward to the sequel and further writings of this dream team. View all 3 comments. Oct 05, Anja rated it it was amazing Shelves: all-time-favorites. And the best part? View all 6 comments. Oct 04, Jen O'grady rated it really liked it Shelves: stand-alone , 4star.

Well aren't you two ladies clever clogs!! I thought this was a fabulous book, and our writers certainly got us hooked on both the leading men Max the ex pro hockey player and Adam the single parent to 12 year old Eva, who just so happens to be a pupil of the leading lady Lily. Both men sound completely gorgeous, so I understand why Lily had such a hard time , but really she should have made up her mind and stuck to it. This is a love triangle between the three of them and I'm not going to say wh Well aren't you two ladies clever clogs!!

This is a love triangle between the three of them and I'm not going to say what happens except I think Adams reaction was completely spot on. The book is a humorous read but you can definitely see what's coming!! Some brilliantly written HOT sex scenes can't wait to hear what happens to Lily in the next book, but it's so long till spring !!!! Great first book ladies. Sep 27, Iza rated it did not like it Shelves: steamy-hot , on-my-tablet-shelf , dirty-talk , dnf. Why, would you ask? Well, would I answer : - the way Max comes after Lily, what he says to her when they're complete strangers?

Does he want to go straight to a tribunal for sexual harrassment? You're a hot guy, you're allowed to do anything you want?

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So I gave up, even though I know I loved another book by that author. Jan 18, Zaynah rated it it was ok Shelves: chick-lit , adult. Two words: Disgusting and Shallow. I was going to give the book only a one-star rating but since the end was really good, I think it deserves another star. This book has excellent reviews on Goodreads and I honestly don't know why. Lily, the female lead character is a slut and Max, her friend with benefits is a man whore! Sorry but I can't think of better words to describe them Adam, Lily's boyfriend saves the face. He's a good and stable guy and he deserved much better than Lily.

Actually, eve Two words: Disgusting and Shallow. Actually, even Max isn't that bad and he deserved much better as well! A few points: 1. Who the fuck let a stranger finger her on a plane and then bang her in an airport? When Max says, you're not an easy lay to Lily and that he had to work for it.

Can you remind me how much work he had to do? And when he says that Lily is a good person, what is good about her? Personally, naming one quality would be difficult. How can anything, and when I mean anything, it's really every single thing, turn on Lily? How old is she again? This book was beyond annoying and I skipped Max and Lily's 'rendez-vous' most of the time. The ending was great though.

I love it that Lily got what she deserved. And I sure as hell won't be reading the next book, because I really wanna believe that she ends up alone with seven cats and miserable! Signups are now open for the Pieces of Perfect blog tour happening November 11th—16th. Oh my, what to say? Wow or fantastic or sexy or funny. It is totally all the above. Loved this book. Nov 03, The Book Trollop rated it it was amazing. This book starts out with a literal BANG At first I was like whaaatt This isn't real life well duh it's fiction but come on this is stretching it a bit much.

But then I was like whoooaa this is totally effing HOT no longer giving a fuck that its not real life So I get into the story and me being me never read the synopsis because I like to be surprised.

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So I am mad that I didn't read the synopsis but I am totally invested in this book, I can't put it down. But I am hating the heroine, Lily, but I still cannot put it down. I'm entranced, I need to see what happens. Reading on, I am still hating Lily and her stupid ideologies about her future and what she wants in a man. She can't be with one because he is reckless and bad for her but yet she can have sex with him whenever, wherever???

And then hates it when other woman treat that particular leading man like garbage but she is doing the same thing??!! Ugh it was so frustrating But Max and Adam are totally taming my rage and making me want to cream my pants from their dirty, dirty mouths WHooOAa baby! I get to the end and I was like YES!!!!!!!!!!!!! I felt vindicated but I also felt emotional and wanting more of Lily Yes, the cunt grew on me by the end and I wanted to see what was going to happen It made me believe more in the story, completely turning it around for me.

Instead of the authors giving readers what they expected the authors flipped it around and ended it I just, wow There were some scenes that caused my brain to malfunction I mean, sex in the auditorium with kids on the other side of the curtain I think that was taken a little too far. Totally, wickedly, HOT and probably in some porn somewhere BUT still set my nerves on edge and made me a little sick. I give this book a 4.

Nov 07, Blushing Reader rated it really liked it. It's not the other way around. You know from the blurb that this is going to be a love triangle, which to 4Star Rating: 4. You know from the blurb that this is going to be a love triangle, which to be honest, isn't my favorite plot lines, and I ate up every bite of this scrumptious book! Pieces of Perfect was HOT right from the beginning but it also made you stop and think about what you would do in Lily's shoes. Sometimes love isn't cut and dry, sometimes you find yourself facing really tough choices and there is no right or wrong answer.

This book really was well done and gave the reader a lot to think about. Elizabeth Hayley did a great job breathing life into Lily, Max and Adam's stories and I never could bring myself to pick a "team" I fell in love with both of them. My emotions were all over this place with this one, I was mad, happy, frustrated, shocked, heart broken and then satisfied. Pieces of Perfect is one of the best love triangle books I have read, it handled things realistically and let the reader get inside what Lily was going through without her coming off like a heartless and cold person.

Elizabeth Hayley make quite the writing team! I am addicted to this story and I really hope we get more from these three characters in the future but if we don't I am OK with that too. Pieces of Perfect is definitely a story that will be sticking with me for days to come. Go 1-click and enjoy this emotional ride with Lily this weekend.

Aug 15, AngelinaT rated it it was amazing. Oh Wow! I couldn't put this down! The writing was great and it provoked such emotions. I loved Adam At first I thought she was kind of funny and cute but that lasted for about 3 pages and then I found her to be immature and selfish. I did lean toward Max though. When Adam first appeared I thought he sounded too good to be true and there must be something bad about him but there was nothing.

He was p Oh Wow! He was perfect!!! However, there is something about the bad boy that always gets me. I think that Max would have been everything to Lily if she was smarter! When he says "doll" I think I sighed each time! I am kind of glad it ended the way it did for Lily however I don't think the story is complete and I sure hope there is more. I need more Max or Adam oh heck either one will do!

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My favorite line from the book was from Max: "There is one thing I do know. I think a lot of people can relate to this in one way or another: "I have endured the journey. Nov 06, Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri rated it really liked it Shelves: dysfunction-at-its-best , romance-with-a-side-of-smut , arc-or-provided-by-author. ARC kindly provided in exchange for a fair and honest review. Spoiler-free review. First off I want to say that I love that this book was created by a writing team comprised of two friends - Elizabeth and Hayley.

While I was reading PoP I felt like I was watching a car accident as this hot love triangle unraveled. What a rollercoaster. Arghhh… I stayed up ARC kindly provided in exchange for a fair and honest review. Arghhh… I stayed up all night reading PoP. Lucky I got over it enough or I would have missed out on such a solid book. Pieces of Perfect was funny, sexy, smart and oh sooooooo steamy.

PoP also irritated the hell out of me…well Lilly, the anti-heroine poster girl irritated me. I have to say I did want her to get it together and cut self-destruct crap. I was thinking about this book and the characters days after I read it. There is a slight cliffy…which I expected. I have a feeling I can expect some more Kindle Crack from them. This review appears on www. Sep 07, Meredith Wild rated it it was amazing Shelves: highly-recommend. The love triangle created between Lily, bad boy Max, and perfect Adam in Pieces of Perfect does not disappoint!

The young and impulsive Lily finds herself in the terribly awesome predicament of falling for two wildly attractive guys who could not be more different save their determination to have her. What begins as light-hearted flings soon evolve into relationships that take Lily on an unexpected emotional journey as she begins to uncover who she really is and what she really wants in life. Well-written with plenty of spicy love scenes that just get better as the relationships between the characters deepen, this book will have you flipping pages to find out what happens next.

Be prepared to feel as tormented as Lily does when it comes to choosing between which hot guy to settle down with. Decisions, decisions! I think what I enjoyed most about the book was that it broke a lot of rules when it comes to the kind of romance story line that we're used to. The authors have allowed Lily to make questionable decisions commensurate with her age and background, but not without consequence.

The book's ending is unexpected, but it's one that serves its heroine and with a sequel on the way, I'm eager to see how Lily grows and faces her future. I received this book in exchange for my honest review. It is definitely a 4. From the very beginning I was hooked. The story is based on a young somewhat insecure teacher named Lily and the two beautiful men she can't choose between.

She first meets Max while checking in for her flight at the airport. Max is the extremely hot, arrogant type who won't take no for an answer. Lily tries unsuccessfully to avoid him at all cost. Not only does he end up o I received this book in exchange for my honest review. Not only does he end up on her flight home but he also ends up being the new hockey coach at the school she teaches at. And then there's Adam. Adam happens to be the father of one Lily's students. Adam is not only gorgeous but a loving, successful father.

Lily is drawn to both men in ways she cannot comprehend and Max and Adam are falling for her fast. Lily knows that she can't have them both but she doesn't want let go entirely of either one. This is a story that will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride up until the very end.

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I haven't quite decided how I feel about the ending however. I almost wish that there were a second book to this story but regardless, I would highly recommend it. Oct 11, Nikki rated it liked it. I am sooooo torn. I really wanted to give this more stars, it was very well written I loved Max, I loved Adam but lily!!!!! I really, really disliked her. She was a complete cow to both guys. I think I am also so fed up with love triangles. I actually think you should have done two separate books, one for each guy as they were both great I.

Completely different ways. By the end I really felt the guys were both better off without her particularly Max who strangely enough I felt worse for than Ada I am sooooo torn. By the end I really felt the guys were both better off without her particularly Max who strangely enough I felt worse for than Adam? I do love a bad boy and I hate a door mat which I felt you turned Adam into.

I was glad with the ending she deserved neither of them and finally seemed to realise she got exactly what she deserved. PS as a teacher I cannot believe the amount of time lily seemed to have to make out with max!!!?! OMG I think I worked at the wrong schools. I didn't think this was at all realistic. Nov 07, Mummy's Naughty Corner rated it really liked it Shelves: kindle , own , r2r , m-f , erotica. Arc received from the author in exchange for an honest review. Why I chose this book?

Pieces Series - On the Road - Ep 3

I was asked by the author to do a review. What I liked about this book. It flowed so well that you would have thought that one person wrote it. What I didn't like about this book. Would I read more from this author? Yes Would I recommend this book? Yes to those that need a bit of heat in there books. View 2 comments.

Falling to Pieces

Seriously, one of the best books I ever read Yes, because it does contain two hot, loving, irresistible guys BUT: it also contains a huge message to women! I think every girl comes across a guy like Max once in her life. Passion without reason Reliable, loving, tender. Who to choose?

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Personally, I loved the ending! While mostly all romance books feature a hap Seriously, one of the best books I ever read While mostly all romance books feature a happy ending nowadays of course I was disappointed somehow , it's got a refreshing twist! So remember: at the end of the day, do the things you can live with the next morning!

Sep 19, Lisa rated it really liked it. Fabulous book but I really need more Is this a cliffhanger? Will there be another book? Please tell me there will be another book Lots of depth and growth along with hot and steamy love triangle can be found in this book. Max is real. He put it all out there for Lilly and I loved that about him. My only hope now is to find out that this story will be continued Fabulous book but I really need more My only hope now is to find out that this story will be continued SOON.

Received this book to give an honest review. I read this book in one day and was hooked from the beginning. It was really refreshing to have a story that had a realistic ending and not the usual prince charming ending with everyone living happily ever after. Looking forward to reading more from this author and I would highly recommend this book!! Sep 08, KathyAnne marked it as did-not-finish. Felt very juvenile and silly. If a man approaches you in an airport the way this man did you should call security. I loathe books that exempt a man from behaving like a pervert because he is "hot".

Nice abs and a "big" package does not a real man make! Couldn't get past chapter two View 1 comment. Oct 15, Raj rated it it was ok. I skipped, A lot. He's boring, I didn't even read their love scenes coz, hello!? I love Max and I know that she's gonna end up with Max and reading her love scenes with Adam was just Nov 05, Tracy rated it really liked it.

I loved this book.

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I'm not happy with the ending I was a bloody mess reading the first one,I'm sure the 2nd one wont disappoint. Great work ladies. Nov 14, Jude rated it it was amazing Shelves: rom-series-contemporary. I can't come up with a way to review this without massive spoilers, so I'll hide most of it. I really enjoy this writing duo. This is an emotional read but in a voyeuristic way. I smirkity smirked smirked my way through this cusp of self discovery drama fest and loved it. The males with opposite personalities and Lily being pulled in different directions sexually and emotionally, over analyzing the uncertain 4.

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