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These take up a lot less space and weight than a conventional toothpaste tube would. They are therefore not as cost effective, but you get the benefit of the less chemical rich ingredient list. Please be aware that should you notice any abnormalities or extra sensitivity from using a different toothpaste you should stop and consult your dentist.

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  4. In previous toothpaste reviews, particularly those designed for whitening the teeth, I have taken before and after photos. Lush have not designed the toothy tabs to actively whiten or achieve anything other than a good overall clean to my knowledge. Over the years I have tried many different toothpastes and I like to think maintain a good standard of oral hygiene, so there is little staining on my teeth and not much in the way of colour improvement that can be achieved naturally, so I am perhaps not the ideal candidate to test such products for their whitening improvements.

    Overall in comparison to other toothpastes used, I was very happy with the results. I saw no colour improvement, but no dulling of the teeth. The main negative I personally have is the lack of fluoride, as this goes against the guidelines set out by professional dental bodies and the NHS. However, there are many arguments against fluoride and I understand, particularly with Lush cosmetics ethos why it is not present.

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    It is good to know that there are less chemicals and the product is more organic and even though they command a premium you are giving back to the world as a whole. Having experienced the challenge of choosing an electric toothbrush back in , I vowed to make it easier for others to understand and decide on a toothbrush. Disclaimer: I am not a dentist or medical professional. Your email address will not be published. Your contribution is much appreciated. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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    You can also subscribe without commenting. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments. About Us News Contact. Pros More natural ingredients and less chemicals. Less packaging. More environmentally friendly. Reduced price! View larger. Kiddy Fun Toothy Wolf Game Reference: Condition: New product This wolf has really eaten everything, and some items have been trapped in his maw.

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    Includes 1 motorized wolf, 12 items of plastic, 1 spinner, 1 clamp linked to the wolf A great game for practicing fine motor skills, strategy, and eye-hand coordination Great for family game night or playing with all your friends Requires 3 x AA batteries not included Check out more fantastic games. Kiddy Fun B Kids Shape No customer reviews for the moment. Write a review.