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In this example, if the box is visible, hide it. If the box is hidden, show it. To handle this, display a button.

When a user presses the button, flip the boolean from true to false, or false to true. Make this change using setState , which is a method on the State class.

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This tells Flutter to rebuild the widget. For more information on working with user input, see the Gestures section of the cookbook.


You have a green box on screen and a button to toggle the visibility to true or false. How to fade the box in and out? With an AnimatedOpacity widget. Flutter 1. Get started 1. Install 2. Set up an editor 3. Test drive 4. Write your first app 5. Learn more. I was the first one in the Granger shop this morning and it was my first visit ever.

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I was very happy to see Jose, his family and employees all praying before opening the store up to the public. I had an amazing experience with Kristin, she did a fantastic job and I look forward to coming back soon. I highly recommend this barber shop!


I took my son to get his haircut there today. The girls were very helpful in picking a haircut that would work for him and showing us how to use the app to set up future appointments without having to call in. We will be back for sure. A Mopro Website. Go To Site.