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Jump to navigation. Rumours of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 have been doing rounds on the web for a while and so far, we have known that the Galaxy Note 10 series will get a Galaxy Slike design with minimal bezels and a multi-model lineup. Renders from case manufacturers have already shown a common design with a hole-punch cutout located in the centre of the display. So far, it was difficult to believe blindly on this design considering Samsung plays it safe with the Note series phones. However, with the latest leaks out, it seems that we might be getting the Note 10 of our dreams.

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The Galaxy Note 9 is a wonderful phone but the thicker bezels on the top and bottom don't help it gel well with the current crop of border-less beauties. The chin is comparatively thicker than the other side bezels but it doesn't look odd. The design seems to be well balanced. Sadly, unlike the OnePlus 7 Pro, Samsung has gone for a hole-punch cutout for placing the camera and this time, it sits in the same area where we are used to seeing a notch.

This is weird considering the Galaxy S10 phones have cutout towards the edges. In fact, it looks very similar to the Motorola G7 phones launched a few months ago.

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Other interesting features include an off-centrally located earpiece and mic, a headphone jack and a USB-C port. Since these are still leaked renders, you should take these with a pinch of salt. Motorola hasn't hinted at the One Pro's existence but if it does, this phone could challenge the phones in the premium segment.

Motorola One Pro renders leak: Four cameras and waterdrop notch make it different from other Moto phones Motorola One Pro could be the next flagship offering in its One series of devices. Leaks confirm a quad-camera setup and a waterdrop notch design. Instead of a hole-punch camera, the One Pro could rely on a waterdrop notch. Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app.

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Download from. Post your comment. Containers, vessels, enclosures, or other fluid system are sometimes tested for leaks - to see if there is any leakage and to find where the leaks are so corrective action can be taken. There are several methods for leak testing , depending on the situation.

Sometimes leakage of fluid may make a sound which can be detected. Tires, engine radiators, and maybe some other smaller vessels may be tested by pressurizing them with air and submerging them in water to see where air bubbles come out to indicate a leak. If submerging in water is not possible, then pressurization with air followed by covering the area to be tested with a soap solution is done to see if soap bubbles form, which indicate a leak.


Other types of testing for gas leaks may involve testing for the outleaking gases with sensors which can detect that gas, for example - special sensing instruments for detecting natural gas. Where liquids are used, special color dyes may be added to help see the leakage. Other detectable substances in one of the liquids may be tested, such as saline to find a leak in a sea water system, or detectable substances may even be deliberately added to test for leakage. Newly constructed, fabricated, or repaired systems or other vessels are sometimes tested to verify satisfactory production or repair.

Plumbers often test for leaks after working on a water or other fluid system. A vessel or system is sometimes pressure tested by filling with air and the pressure monitored to see if it drops, indicating a leak. A very commonly used test after new construction or repair is a hydrostatic test , sometimes called a pressure test. In a hydrostatic test, a system is pressurized with water to look for a drop in pressure or to see where it leaks out. Helium testing may be done to detect for any very small leakage such as when testing certain diaphragm or bellows valves, made for high purity and utra high purity service, requiring low leak rate capability.

Helium and hydrogen have very small molecules which can go through very small leaks.

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Leak testing is part of the non-destructive test NDT portfolio that can be applied to a part to verify its conformity; depending on material, pressure, leak tightness specifications, different methods can be applied. International standards has been defined to assist in these choices. For example, BS EN ; it applies to assessment of leak tightness by indication or measurement of gas leakage, but excludes hydrostatic, ultrasonic or electromagnetic methods.

Other standards also apply:. In shell and tube heat exchangers , Eddy current testing is sometimes done in the tubes to find locations on tubes where there may be leaks or damage which may eventually develop into a leak. In complex plants with multiple fluid systems, many interconnecting units holding fluids have isolation valves between them.

If there is a leak in a unit, its isolation valves can be shut to "isolate" the unit from the rest of the plant. Leaks are often repaired by plugging the leaking holes or using a patch to cover them. Leaking tires are often fixed this way. Leaking gaskets, seals, washers, or packing can be replaced.

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  8. Use of welding, soldering, sealing, or gluing may be other ways to fix leaks. Sometimes, the most practical solution is to replace the leaking unit. Leaking water heaters are often replaced by home or building owners. If there is a leak in one of the tubes of a shell and tube heat exchanger , that tube can be plugged at both ends with specially sized plugs to isolate the leak.

    This is done in the plenum s at the points where the tube ends connect to the tubesheet s.